Snips about SNPs: Low LDL Cholesterol

Can you have low LDL cholesterol throughout life and a decreased risk of heart disease? Sign me up! No, this isn’t the latest pill from a pharmaceutical company, but a genetic variant that some people have.


Snips about SNPs: Taste Receptors

Do you love dark chocolate and coffee? Different genetic variants of those taste receptor genes mean that foods don’t taste the same to everyone.


Snips about SNPs: MTHFR

A quick way to check your 23 and Me or AncestryDNA data for the MTHFR mutation. Learn whether you should add more folate to your diet.

Snips about SNPs: Opioid Receptor

Genetic variants in OPRM1 (opioid receptor, mu 1) change your response to opioids and may lead to dependency. Check your genetic raw data for risk.

Snips about SNPs: Digesting Carbs

Your genes play a role in how well you break down carbohydrates. Check your amylase genes in your genetic raw data file to see how well you break down carbs.

Snips about SNPs: Evening chronotypes

Your CLOCK gene variants may lead to being more active in the evening and staying up a little later. Learn more and check your genetic raw data file.

Snips about SNPs: Hangry Gene

Do you get irritable and grouchy when you are fasting? It could be due to your genes. Check your genetic data from 23andMe or AncestyDNA.

Snips about SNPs: Alcohol Flush

Face flushing when you drink? Feeling bad? Your ALDH gene variants control how you react to alcohol. Check your 23andMe or AncestryDNA data.

Snips about SNPs: HFE gene and iron

A couple of mutations in the HFE gene increase the amount of iron absorbed from food which can lead to hemochromatosis. Check your genetic data.